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Chayal’s Angels (a non profit that) provides healing relief to our brave on-duty soldiers through holistic treatments that ease the impact of physical and emotional trauma.


Chayal’s Angels is an Israeli grassroot non profit organization founded by Olim, operating under the guidance of dedicated volunteers, serving soldiers across Israel. 


Our focus is on providing vital Mind, Body, and Soul healing to address the specific needs of the on-duty soldiers and hopefully in the future to off duty soldiers too. 



The Full Story

In response to the tragic events of October 7, healing practitioners from all over Israel, and internationally have joined Chayal's Angels to provide healing relief to the Minds, Bodies, and Souls of our brave soldiers.  Working without recompense, healers have come together from Israel, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia to name a few.

We work in all weather, in tents, outposts, parking garages, community centers and fields - wherever our soldiers are based.  Healing modalities include massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, energy healing, sound healing, chiropractic care, meditation,

pilates and yoga. 


Words can only begin to describe the unity, joy and relief that we feel with, by and for our soldiers.


Over the past months it has become apparent that our soldiers will need to heal from the stress, trauma and exhaustion that arise from the collective undertaking. Our future goal is to open support centers for the soldiers where they can receive individual treatments, speak with psychologists and social workers as well as join workshop healing days where we aim to provide them with tools to help long term.

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